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June 22 to August 31

10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Free – No pre-registration necessary



Meet at Heritage Hall Museum

238 Maple Avenue

Tour Guides: Frank O’Dell and Lynn Woods

Learn about historic structures in central Lakeside.


2017 Selected Tours Within Lakeside sponsored by the Lakeside Heritage Society


June 23 to September 1

10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

See individual tour details on where to meet

$5 per person – Pre-registration at Heritage Hall Museum by 4 p.m. Thursday

Limited to 15 participants


June 23:

Cottage Architectual Tour with Bert Lahm as leader.  Bert is an architect and year-round Lakesider who has designed cottage renovations.  This tour will focus on some of the oldest cottages in west Lakeside between Sycamore and Oak Avenues and discuss architectural features of special interest.  Meet at 10:30 in front of Heritage Hall Museum at 238 Maple Avenue.

June 30:

Hoover and South Auditoriums with Gretchen Curtis as leader: The speaker’s stand and bench seats at the first Lakeside campmeeting in 1873 were located in the same block where Hoover Auditorium stands. The first auditorium, built in 1878 was modified several times over 50 years until it was demolished in September 1928 to make way for a new Central Auditorium. In June 1929, the structure we know as Hoover Auditorium opened with its massive arches and 3,000 seats. We will travel through time from 1878 to 2016, discussing modifications to our grand auditorium. If time permits, we will tour the more modest South (German) Auditorium built in 1883. Meet at 10:30 at the front entrance of Hoover.

July 7:

Southwest Lakeside with Gretchen Curtis as leader.  Travel through time to learn about the school building, the original Lakeside camp meeting reserve, the south gates, log cabins, train depot, Kilgrubbin neighborhood and maintenance areas.  Meet at 10:30 at the Stone Schoolhouse, corner of Seventh Street and Walnut Avenue.

July 14:

Middle and Southeast Lakeside with Gretchen Curtis as leader.  This tour includes the campground, tennis complex, Camp Boyville, water works, Hilltop House built for Baptist missionary children, the Wonnell Stone house and Chautauqua Park. Meet at 10:30 at the corner of Sixth Street and Laurel Avenue.

July 21:

Historic Guest Houses with Gretchen Curtis as leader.  Learn about several guest houses that operated during the 1880s to 1930s including Plymouth House, Richard’s Hotel, The Cook Tavern/Curtiss Guest House*, Keystone Cottage, Park/McDonald House, Slack House*, Blaine Cottage, Erie View Inn/The MaryEllen* and Idlewild. (*indicates building razed).  Meet at the Heritage Hall Museum, 238 Maple Avenue.


July 28:

No walking tour.  Next week’s Friday 10:30 a.m. tour will be Hotel Lakeside.

August 4:

Hotel Lakeside with George McCormick as leader.  Travel back to 1875 when the Hotel opened and then come forward through the years as the east wing is added, the dining room is expanded, the layout of the lobby changes and the plumbing facilities are modified.   Meet at 10:30 at the fountain circle on the north side of the Hotel.

August 11:

East Lakeside with Gretchen Curtis as leader  – Travel through time to learn about purchases of land in East Lakeside, Cherry and Perry Parks, the W.D. Ross Cottages built 1913-1922, the Fox-Gamble House in Island View and Camp Wesleyan which served as the home for the Women’s Foreign Mission Society.  Meet at 10:30 at the corner of Plum Avenue and Fourth Street in Cherry Street Park.

August 18:

Lakefront and Pavilions with George McCormick and Dave Glick as leaders.  This tour includes West Cistern Park, Erie Beach Resort, First Street, Beebe’s telescope, sailing center, the early dock, the three pavilions, the bell tower, central park and the bandstands.  Meet at 10:30 at the north end of Oak Street.

August 25:

1929 Fire Destruction with Phil Dale as leader.  Travel through time to Sunday morning, October 20, 1929 when the shrill sound of the Lakeside fire alarm pierced the air. By the end of the day, the Methodist Church, the Printing Plant and 26 cottages from Walnut to Central Avenues between 4th and 5th Streets were gone. Walk the path of this destructive fire to learn where it started, how it progressed, the effort to control it and the fire’s aftermath.  Meet at 10:30 at Fifth Street Park on the northwest corner of Walnut Avenue and Fifth Street.

September 1:

Historic Business District with Gretchen Curtis as leader.  The earliest structures in the Lakeside business district were in place by 1878, expanding to meet the needs of travelers arriving by boat who might stay a week or a month as well as the residents who were building year-round homes. What were the earliest businesses, where were they located and what did they sell to the developing Lakeside community? A few of the earliest business buildings are still in place and razed buildings may be viewed in photos.   Meet at 10:30 around the fountain by the Fountain Inn on Maple Avenue next to the Administration Office.