Objectives — collect, procure, preserve and exhibit:

  • books, pamphlets, maps, manuscripts, papers, historical and archeological objects and any other material that may relate to the history of Lakeside and the history of the United Methodist Church in Lakeside;
  • objects pertaining to the history of the Marblehead Peninsula and Danbury Township, as well as items that relate to the religious heritage of Lakeside and to the history of the Chautauqua Movement; and
  • objects that are needed for a specific educational or interpretive program as a supplement.


Goals —

  • Provide safe, secure storage of the artifacts entrusted to our care;
  • Protect artifacts in a building with fire suppression, humidity and temperature control;
  • Offer time and space for viewing displays;
  • Provide time and space for shopping;
  • Provide adequate time and space to conduct research;
  • Continue to accession and catalog information and prepare records for digitizing;
  • Expand services to children and the local community;
  • Provide opportunities for student interns and community volunteers to share in our mission; and
  • Encourage patrons to make donations of artifacts, photos, memories and monetary gifts.