Best Sellers


Abigail Tea Room (2013)

The perfect gift for anyone who enjoyed eating at Lakeside’s vine-covered treasure with history of the cottages which housed the restaurant.  50 photos, 40 recipes and reminiscences of Elva Thomas and some of the servers.  $25




A Pictorial History of Lakeside, Ohio (2008)

Features over 225 archival photographs reflecting Lakeside’s history 1872-2008.  This book provides a great visual way to revisit Lakeside’s 140-year history.  $25


D2H4-Pictorial copy

Narrative History Books About Lakeside’s Founding and First 100 Years:


The Story of Lakeside (1923) by O. I. Shepard presents an accurate account of the people and events of Lakeside’s first 50 years.  It was reprinted by the Heritage Society in 1993 and 2003 so more people could read and enjoy the book.  $15


Light and Life:  Lakeside on Lake Erie (1948) by John Harding Butler provides an account of the people and programs during the years 1923-1948.  $8




This Is Lakeside 1873-1973 (1973) by James Allen Kestle presents the official centennial history in an easy-to-read format with sections including a chronological record of events by year, alphabetized sketches of significant people and places, and photographs in the appendix.  $10


Bk.Kestle LKSD 1873-1973


Lakeside Ohio:  First 100 Years (1973) by Eleanor Durr provides one-page sketches of over 115 people (plus a few buildings and boats) associated with Lakeside’s first century, including Lakeside founders, residents, pastors, speakers and entertainers, written in the narrative style of a storyteller.  $13


D2-Durr copy


The Lakeside and Marblehead Railroad (2003) by Dean K. Fick details the history of the L&M seven-mile Ohio shortline that began in 1886 for passengers but grew to become a profitable railroad hauling more tonnage (limestone from local quarries) than larger railroads.  Includes 130 photos.  $25




Marblehead Lighthouse On Lake Erie:  Ohio’s Historic Beacon (2015) by James Proffitt gives an in-depth profile of the most photographed site in the state.  $25.


Bk.Proffitt.MbhdLH 2015


Books in “Images of America” format (over 150 photos/book with brief descriptions):


Ohio Lighthouses (2011) by Wil & Pat O’Connell includes a chapter about the Marblehead Lighthouse.  $22


Ohio’s Lake Erie Vacationland in Vintage Postcards (2000) by R. Wayne Ayers has a chapter on Lakeside and Peninsula.  $20


Lake Erie Ports & Boats in Vintage Postcards (2001) by SallySue Witten includes a chapter on Marblehead, Port Clinton & Islands.  $20


Kelleys Island (2013) by John Sabol covers from mid-1800s to 2010 on this 3,000 acre island visible from Lakeside’s dock.  $22


Put-in-Bay:  Construction of Perry’s Monument (2001) by Jeff Kissell relates the story from 1907 proposals to monument completion and opening in 1915.  $20